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Your Face Is Your ID. The most secure and easiest authentication method ever

When users forget their passwords or swap access cards, it’s a headache for every security department. Weak passwords and stolen cards pose serious security threats.

In highly secure applications, such as border control, issues are handled by security personnel checking that a person’s face matches the face on their ID card. This comes with stretched budgets and added inconvenience.

Thankfully, neural networks have yielded a breakthrough in computerized facial recognition, verification, and identification. Our EyeNet technology is better at recognizing faces than a human is!

The affordability of the technology now allows everyone to benefit from improved security and convenience.

—     Benefits     —


EyeNet’s unique neural network demonstrates utmost accuracy among all commercially available solutions. The false accept rate (FAR) is as good as 1 in 1,000,000, making for superior security, whether used alone or combined with other authentication methods.


Facial recognition is the easiest security authentication method yet. Just think about how many times a day your employees type in their passwords, PIN codes, or swipe their access cards? With face-based authentication, there’s no need anymore — now every face is an ID.


Unlike all other authentication methods, facial recognition does not require someone’s cooperation. It’s enough for them to simply pass by a camera. With the lowest False Reject Rate in the industry (low FAR is a good thing!), EyeNet means people are authenticated correctly the first time.


In addition to access control during login or at security checkpoints, EyeNet’s algorithms tolerate low-quality images, different lighting conditions, and partial face obstructions. This enables the proactive recognition of an individual from whitelists or blacklists based on a surveillance camera’s stream.


Higher algorithm efficiency means less hardware is required, saving your precious budget. And with a very fast, indexed search scalable to billions of faces, there is virtually no limit to the number of registered users.

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