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Identify VIPs and fraudsters, score potential borrowers and reduce staff related risks

Rule No.1: Never lose money.
Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.

These two simple rules by Warren Buffet can teach us many things and we shall definitely help you not to lose, or waste, your money. Money should work and this efficient process depends on how comfort the conditions of the very bank service are. Some minor, at first glance, problems can spoil all the effect of well-organized banking system: the inability to recognize the fraudster in time or, on the contrary, the VIP, the negligence of employees. All these factors can negatively affect the effectiveness of your bank. The world’s best face&emotion recognition technology by EyeNet will help your money work efficiently.

Internal security

Control access of the employee to the workplace by using biometric authentication in the system. Automatic two- and three-factor authentication of an employee photo got CCTV cameras in the walk-through areas allows you to verify the identity of the employee who uses the magnetic card and track his work during the day. The face recognition algorithm will help to collect enough information to investigate specific incidents in the workplace and adjust the work with personnel.

Customer service

Quickly and effectively identify visitors, including VIPs, at the entrance and personalize the offers for each, collecting information on social media. Correct work with the customer will increase the quality and speed of service, reduce its costs and increase the sales of additional products.

Fraud prevention

The face recognition algorithm allows you to intelligently collect and analyze data from photo databases and help identify fraudsters just on the steps of your bank. The program has the ability to reconcile the photograph in the passport with the photo of the customer received from the surveillance camera, and to recognize the fraudster, even if he is not in the “black lists” of the bank. With absence of human error you’ll prevent the issuance of loans to customers with forged documents. Finding a customer’s photo on social media will help to locate the malicious defaulter anywhere in the world, to reveal the actual data of the defaulter, as well as data of his relatives and friends.

Improve scoring

The algorithm of face&emotion recognition, which is characterized by high performance and accuracy, is capable to check a customer’s photo on social media in a matter of seconds. This will provide an opportunity to quickly get additional important information that will help to truly assess the risks associated with issuing a loan to a “problem” customer and adjust a specified loan program.

—    Advantages for banks     —


The EyeNet technology stands ahead of other algorithms due to accuracy of identification over 95%, which makes it the best technology available on the market today. Fits even for large databases.


The highest efficiency of the algorithm means that the system requires less hardware resources.



Our architecture allows you to process video locally in the sales area without the high costs of renting expensive communication channels to transfer video to the data center. If not possible, the system flexibility allows you to solve problems with video processing and recognition in a private cloud.


The program is easily integrated with CRM, BI, and other business intelligence systems via REST API interface. It has been already integrated with Bitrix24 CRM system.


Searching for a person in the database of billion images will take a split second, which makes possible any communication with the client in real time.

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