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Scale down your security costs and prevent staff fraud with black and white lists,
facial access control and login to internal environment

Many people often think about how to secure their business from the outside. But what’s the point, if the business is not protected from the inside. Employees give their plastic e-passes to their beloved friends and relatives, or try to create the illusion of being present in the workplace, some strangers are hanging about the territory, and guests wander through the corridors of the huge office, unable to find the necessary meeting room. All these minor troubles can make even a very successful business unhappy. The EyeNet technology from EyeNet company, the leader among face&emotion recognition developers, will help to cope with them.


The ability of by-face authorization in a personal computer or business application. Forget about passwords and smart cards, now no one can enter someone else’s computer or use other people’s data to enter somebody’s personal account.

Getting around control

You can track the movement of employees and guests around the office etc., verifying the legitimacy of their staying in a particular place at a specific time of day.

Access control

The identification of employees by the person will simplify the admission of the employee to the working place. The ability to identify a VIP or a banned person at the entrance.

Simplification of registration

Reconciling the photo in the passport with the guest’s face simplifies the registration of the guest and the issuance of a repeated pass.

—    Advantages for corporate security     —


The EyeNet technology stands ahead of other algorithms due to accuracy of identification over 95%, which makes it the best technology available on the market today. Fits even for large databases.


The highest efficiency of the algorithm means that the system requires less hardware resources.



Our architecture allows you to process video locally in the sales area without the high costs of renting expensive communication channels to transfer video to the data center. If not possible, the system flexibility allows you to solve problems with video processing and recognition in a private cloud.


The program is easily integrated with CRM, BI, and other business intelligence systems via REST API interface. It has been already integrated with Bitrix24 CRM system.


Searching for a person in the database of billion images will take a split second, which makes possible any communication with the client in real time.

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