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Do Business More Safely. Improve your customer relationships
while increasing your scoring accuracy

The Internet offers its users a great deal of anonymity. But effective anonymity requires best practices for information safety, especially when performing a sensitive transaction like making an online payment.

With EyeNet’s state-of art facial recognition technology, you can automatically confirm that the user in front of a computer or a smartphone matches the photo they have on file.

Moreover, with our unique ability to search among billions of photos in less than a second, you can further improve scoring accuracy by checking a user’s social network profiles or against a database of known fraudulent people.

—     Benefits     —


With the industry’s most accurate identification and a False Acceptance Rate (FAR) as low as 1 in 1,000,000, you can rely on this technology to keep the bad guys out.


The fastest neural network and distributed cloud architecture supports dynamic scaling to meet any capacity requirements you may have. Our unique index allows for searching among billions of photos in less than a second.


Our solution’s reliability is proven by unique large-scale production deployments, such as EyeNet.ru, which allows anyone to search among 250,000,000 photos from a social network. It sustains up to 50 requests per second on just 5 servers.


Deploy the solution on your own servers, or use our pay-as-you go cloud offering, managed by a highly qualified team to get you started more quickly at a lower cost.

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