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Large-Scale Search by Photo. Identify a person by a photo
in less than a second

On many occasions, the only available clue to solve a criminal case is a photo or video camera recording. With our unique facial recognition technology, any face captured on a photo or a video is now actionable evidence, with the person easily identified among millions (or even billions) of loaded photos.

Moreover, with EyeNet’s solution, law enforcement officers can identify individuals when doing random stops, or prevent fraud when a person is trying to pretend being someone else.

—     Benefits     —


The industry’s highest identification accuracy ensures a higher probability that the right individual will be included in search results, reducing law enforcement’s efforts to correctly identify a person.


Our algorithm was designed with a unique tolerance to age difference, lighting condition, head rotation, facial hair, and even obstructions like glasses. It even allows for using low-quality images for identification purposes.


Law enforcement officials can expect search results to be returned in less than a second (rather than minutes), even on a database of billions of photos. This lets them to do more in less time.


With our unique index, search on a database of any size is complete in less than a second. This effectively removes any limits on a number of recorded individuals. It also allows for multiple photos per individual, guaranteeing even higher accuracy.


Scalable architecture allows nation-wide scale. The most efficient algorithms require the least performance out of the hardware, which saves your precious budget.


Both desktop and mobile clients are supported, allowing officers to perform requests both from comfort of their office as well as directly from the field, for fastest possible results.

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