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Increase sales, minimize risks, get full online style analytics
of your visitors and customers

Stability, predictability and confidence in the future – these are the three pillars on which the success of retail business is firmly held at all times. Each good retailer wants to receive a stable profit, to sell off goods on time and to be sure that tomorrow will be the same successful day for his business.

Often, minor factors intrude into this process, and together they can turn into a big problem for the retailer: employee negligence, inability to calculate the effectiveness of advertising and bad organizing of theft prevention. The up-to-date face recognition technology by EyeNet can help with these and many other problems.

The EyeNet company offers the world’s best technology for face&emotion recognition, which is designed to optimize the retail business and solve the retail tasks. For the first time in the history of the industry, technology has combined the highest standards of accuracy, exceptional performance and affordability.

Customer activity analysis

Counting unique, returned and passed by customers will give a quick, accurate and truthful analysis of the profitability of the outlet and will optimize its work. The algorithm is set up to the ability to exclude all employees of the store from the analysis.

Employees control

Controlling the movement of employees through the sales area, their presence at their workplace, and access control to it will increase employees productivity and reduce thefts.

Heat maps and standard routes

Analysis of customer movements in the sales area will optimize the layout of goods, which will increase sales conversion and will help to avoid crowds.


The customers and promoters emotional state evaluation at the promo stands will help to evaluate the effectiveness of promotional actions.

Targeted Advertising

The system is set up for displaying video ads for a particular visitor according to his gender, age and emotional state. Meet the needs of the target audience and Increase sales!

CSat Measurement

Tracking the client’s emotional state at various points in the sales area and at the cashier desk will help to measure customer satisfaction with the retail outlet in general and with each it’s zone.

Fraud Prevention

The face recognition system facilitates quick work with “black” lists: it compares the photo of the client received from the camera with the database of unreliable persons, and, if coincident, sends a corresponding warning to the guard post.

Don’t miss the VIP!

Face recognition will help to identify the VIP client right at the entrance and give you comprehensive information about him/her from the CRM system.

—    Advantages for retail     —


The EyeNet technology stands ahead of other algorithms due to accuracy of identification over 95%, which makes it the best technology available on the market today. Fits even for large databases.


The highest efficiency of the algorithm means that the system requires less hardware resources.



Our architecture allows you to process video locally in the sales area without the high costs of renting expensive communication channels to transfer video to the data center. If not possible, the system flexibility allows you to solve problems with video processing and recognition in a private cloud.


The program is easily integrated with CRM, BI, and other business intelligence systems via REST API interface. It has been already integrated with Bitrix24 CRM system.


Searching for a person in the database of billion images will take a split second, which makes possible any communication with the client in real time.

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