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Personalized Reach. Automatically deliver personalized offers to every customer

In order to make their products as appealing as possible, online marketers use extensive tracking techniques to tailor ads to their viewers, often down to the individual level. When they harness consumer data to inform their marketing strategy, they get astonishing results without their customers needing to do a single thing differently.

Now, for the first time, it’s possible to do the same thing offline using our groundbreaking facial recognition technology: people can be identified by their faces among billions, their behavior can be analyzed and relevant personalized promotions can be delivered immediately to a customer, via smart kiosk or POS terminal.

Furthermore, you can now link the online and offline universes. With the unique scalability of EyeNet’s facial recognition technology, it’s now feasible to find a person’s social network profile, identify the type of promotion most interesting to them, and deliver such a promotion to them in their offline world.

—     Benefits     —


Real-world retargeting requires exceptional face recognition accuracy in tough conditions. This may include working with low-quality images, poor lighting, arbitrary head angles, and other obstructions. EyeNet beat all other recognition algorithms by delivering identification accuracy of more than 95 %, severely higher than the next-most – competitive solution.This makes it possible to use facial recognition in offline retargeting scenarios.


An offline retargeting platform needs to keep track of thousands, even millions of visitors with multiple loaded photos for each of them. It used to be impossible, but EyeNet’s unique search index enables search among billions faces in less than 0.2 seconds, even on simple hardware. For the first time in industry history, large-scale face recognition is useful for offline retargeting.


Cutting search time from minutes to a fraction of a second, thanks to our propriety search index, it also cuts down on hardware requirements.Facial recognition is finally affordable for marketing purposes. With a reduced hardware requirement, your precious budget is saved and you’re free to connect more cameras for gathering higher quality data.


Your customer won’t even notice that they are being tracked! Facial recognition does not require a person’s cooperation: they need only pass by a camera. This further enhances appeal because individually targeted promotions or offers can arrive as a complete surprise.


Store facial datasets and run search requests on your own servers, or use our pay-as-you go cloud offering, managed by a highly qualified team to get you up and running more quickly for a lower price.

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